Tuesday, May 17, 2005

the clap of thunder...

...was a welcome sound to me and most of the people in heat-stricken Manila. Precisely at 5:58 p.m.,the hard rain splattered over the hot cement and made Manila well--- cool again.

Today was extremely hot --- from the weather to the extreme frenzy of opening day. Yep, today was the opening of out Greenhills outlet, the first inthe still-being-constructed mall across the theatre mall. Oh joy. Getting there at 9ish inthe am just to put up posters, fix some outlet items and well, pretty much critique the area wasn't exactly my idea of fun, but it had to be done.

How exciting was my day? Follow that with some supplier trouble, mural revisions and an endless afternoon of assembling letters and coupons and you've got yourself a --well, ok,--- interesting day.

So coming back from my first meeting in Morato, i was welcomed back into the Greenhills area by the intense pour, literally pouring over me as i raced to shelter (i nearly skidded unto the newly-polished floors of the mall,but that's another story).

With the thunderous "storm", traffic almost instantaneously developed, as if vehicles were dehydrated and ballooned with the moisture. Yup, too traffic to go anywhere, too wet to move around, too broke to buy dinner (yup, only had money for cab fare). Plus, my supplier meeting got cancelled so i'm there with nothing to do but wait the rain out. *sigh* I even tried to see if anybody could meet up and spend the time hanging, but to no avail. Oh well...

Thankfully, the rain stopped soon, and wonder of wonders, i got myself a cab that didn't give me bullshit about going to QC inspite of the traffic. :-) Thank god for small miracles!

+ + +

Somehow this wasn't the way i envisioned spending my lat two weeks with the company. Hmm. I need to get more rest...

+ + +


hlF said...

yeah... the rain was a welcome treat! i realized that i have to pass by 5 malls to work. amazing huh?

LemonCloud said...

My side here is experiencing a rainy season and how I loathe getting out of my bed when all I want was to snuggle in my comfortable bed..

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